LogicBlox Social Service:

In organization’s continual effort to optimize the usage of Knowledge Management, Analytics can play a vital role. The goal of application of Analytics in the Knowledge Domain is to make Knowledge Management system more intelligent, responsive and specific to ensure faster and relevant resolutions. Also, Analytics should be able to identify hidden patterns of usage, identify gaps while utilizing the knowledge resources and clearly identify the opportunities of better usage thus facilitating the above stated objectives.

LogicBlox Social utilizes best in class Analytics Models in the Knowledge Management Domain. The subject areas covered are Content Gap Analysis, Knowledge Usage Analytics and Relevance Analytics along with the best in class Business Analytics Reports. The models extensively use various Natural Language Processing (NLP) Algorithms to process the unstructured data. The insight gained through exercise will be utilized to perform analytic operations for optimization.

Content Gap and Knowledge Usage Analytics enables LogixBlox Social to analyze the pattern of usage for the knowledge Artifacts. This helps the KM solution more intelligent and optimal. We find out the patterns of usage, artifacts with low usage but high relevance etc. as part of this exercise. Lean and efficient artifacts go a long way in ensuring the goal of faster query resolutions as well as better collaborations.

Relevance Analysis is very important aspects in ensuring better CSAT. LogicBlox Social uses highly intelligent Algorithms to fetch out highly relevant search results to ensure all the queries get resolved at the first attempt. This involves analysis on the user profile, past history of usage, products being used, click stream analysis to ensure we vend out highly relevant search results. This involves usage of Social Network Analytics, building expert Knowledge Network and Knowledge Effectiveness Measurement.


In a nutshell, LogicBlox Social enables:

  1.           1. Enhanced Process Efficiency with faster and accurate query resolutions
  2.           2. Superior customer experience with Improved Relevance leading to higher CSAT
  3.           3. Better Collaboration opportunities with interface to Social Network
  4.           4. Lower TCO with efficient usage of Open Source Technologies
  5.           5. Flexible and scalable architecture to suit customer IT Landscape