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LogicBlox Social:

More than 75% of activities of an enterprise comprise of infrequently done, error-prone activities (be it production side, client interfacing/Marcom or accounting side)

Companies in their everlasting race for competitive advantage have realized it’s not technology alone but “people & knowledge assets” that is their main stay.

Unlike land, capital & information,Knowledge rests only in people’s minds. It comes in & walks out every day. Companies hope for survival lies in managing knowledge &bringing it right people at right time.

Let LogicBlox Social help you bring about the relevant changes in your way of working which will positively affect your Total Cost of Ownership (TOC of your IT Assets)
and Return on Investments (RoI). The key sources of returns include Net New Revenue adding to the Top-line, Improvement in Incremental Revenue, Retained Revenue & Lesser Expenses, Improved Operational Efficiencies greatly benefitting bottom-line.


Time to ROI


Manage Effective Transitions 3 Months 25%
Online Learning Objectives 4 Months 40%
Custom Code Logic Maintenance 6 Months 50%
Lean & Efficient Organization 8 Months 60%
Innovation Cycle Efficiencies 12 Months 75%