In this digitally connected world, we are creating digital footprints in every transaction we are doing as part of our day to day activities. This is leading to generation of humongous amount of data getting generated, most of which falls under the social domain. This data when aggregated cannot be comprehended by just looking at it as report and hence we need Analytics to make a sense of it.

BWT’s social media analytics services deploy the NLP based algorithms to make a sense of the humongous social data getting generated in the social media world. We use scrappers and crawlers to collect the specific data customers are looking for from the social world and derive out the meaningful insights.

Service Features:

  • NLP Based algorithms to deal with unstructured data
  • Non-Intrusive Methodologies to gauge the sentiments
  • Built using open source toolkit
  • Intuitive output results for better understanding and actionable
  • On-premise as well as cloud based service available

Business Benefits:

  • Understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by understanding the sentiments of the customers in social media
  • Faster feedback on campaigns thus enabling mid-way amendments
  • Gets away with shortcoming of limited sample size thus preventing sampling errors